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Urban Kings Street Anthems

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1.Urban Kings Street Anthems- Midget Loco
2.Ask No Question's- Spanky Loco, Stomper, Top Dog
3.Ride For The Cuase- Chino Grande, Lil Minor, Stomper (Hook)
4.Its That Gangsta Life Urban Kings- Ms Krazie produced by d.salas
5.BossEs- Stomper, Spanky Loco
6.I'm A Joker- Chino Brown, Diamonique, Kid Frost,
Scoop D'ville, Diestro and Guic
7.Smiling Faces- Conejo
8.Ugly- Capone 
9.Chicano Rap On the Next Level- Danger, Payaso
10.In California- Lil Sicko, Lil Blacky, Grim
11.You should Already Know- Baby Jokes, Huero Snipes
12.Haters All Around- Chino Brown, Joker 310
13.We Coming- JMG, Charlie Row Campo
14.Talk The Talk- Mr. Blue feat. Lil Evil
15.What you Know- Mto, Frank V, Sleep Malo
16.Its Chicano Rap- Feat. Mr.Blue, Loco Sniper 
Young Spanks, Blunted One, Lil Evil
17.Watch Out- Sweepy G, Ms Krazie


Collect all 3 Street Anthems Series