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Stomper- New Testament

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Song List
1. Urban Legendz- Stomper, J.Hind, Chino Brown, Diamonique
2. Drug Money- Stomper, Casino The G, Guzzle
3. Intro
4. Gangster Relief- Stomper, Chino Grande, Lil Minor
5. I Light Em Up -stomper, Omar Cruz, T-lane
6. Suspects-stomper, Lefty Knuckles, Kaotik
7. Were All The Same-stomper, Krazy Race, Thief Sicario, Yenom
8. Book Em-stomper, Baby Jokes, Jasper, Tiny Loco
9. Rel Individualz-stomper, J.Hind
10. Im Watching- Stomper, Midget Loco, Ces, G-boy, G'd Up Gangsters
11. Cold Hearted Geez-stomper, Casino The G, Guzzle
12. Its In The Air-stomper, A.L.T. The Saint
13. You'z A Rat-stomper, Mic Mc
14. Shadey Deedz-stomper, Luck Dogg, Gnostik Mindz
15. We Bang The Block-stomper, Huero Snipes, Midget Loco
16. Until The Sun Shinez-stomper, Huero Snipes 
17. The Gangster In Me-stomper, Huero Snipes, G-boy
18. World Wide Riderz-stomper, Spanky Loco, Niles Davis, Ghost Dawg
19. Streets Dont Sleep-stomper, Gnostik Mindz, Troub Nasty
20. I Stay In The Lab-stomper, Badnews