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Oso Vicious - Its All In The Game

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Oso Vicious
"Its all in the game"

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1.Westside Radio Ft. Julio G (Intro)
2. Only On the Westcoast Ft. Killa Cal
3. Use To Be Ft. Rikee West
4. My Days Ft. D.Salas & Weeping Willow (Harmonica)
5. Kush Got Me Trippin Ft. Jasper Loco & D.Salas
6.Cutt Throat
7.Ghetto Romance Ft. Og Kid Frost & Nikki Diaz
8.Westcoast Connected Ft. Big Tank & Jasper Loco
9. Gang Bang Boogy Ft. A.L.T The Saint & Big L.A
10. I Got the Bomb Ft. Bigg Bandit & Rikee West
11.Bounce Bounce Ft. The Stomper, Baby Jokes & A.L.T The Saint
12. Just The Way We Are Ft. Seven
13. Hustle Harder Ft. Eyekon
14. The Breakdown
15. Lets Take a Ride Ft. Y-Be (Lil Yogi) & 2tone
16. Bangin Slangin Ft. Jasper Loco
17. Westcoast Bad Boys Ft. Big Prodeje & Rikee West
18. Oso Hard Ft. Casino The G, Thugsta Clack, & Z Guns