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Mr. Shadow - Respect

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1. Respect- Mr. Shadow 
2. Fabricated In California- Mr. Shadow 
3. Take'em All Out- Dido Brown and Jayo Felony 
4. Real Crime- Mr. Shadow and Lil Menace 
5. De La Calle - Mr. Shadow aka Sombra 
6. Zip-Lock Bag- Mr. Shadow, 40 Glock , Kokane, Halow 
7. Who's that –GPA 
8. This is the West Coast- Mr. Shadow, Big Heat 
9. The Liquor Store- Organized Cartel feat. Kokane from the album “Gangsta Ilustrated” 
10. LA to Japan- Cuete feat. El Latino, Les One,Weeto,KO-G, Slow Pain and A.C the Promoter 
11. In My Hood- Mr. Shadow 
12. Re-enforcement - Don Cisco SAD Patron Lil One 
13. 40 On My Lap-Mr. Shadow 
14. Bonafied Camp- G.C. ,Young Ruly,Young Keeps. Zobo, Lil Man, Sporty Mac and DUBB 
15. Yall Don't Know- Big Heat Patron Lil One 
16. Snippets from “Bonafied Camp” album 17. Snippets from Cuete’s “Heat Under the Hood” 18. Snippets from Brownside’s “Trese Rasones”