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Mr. Criminal Presents Hood Affiliated Vol 2

$9.99 USD

Mr Criminal Presents
"Hood Affiliated  Vol 2"

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Track List
1. Intro
2. Do It For The Streets
3. Down To Ride
4. Hood Affiliated Rollcall
5. Come Take A Ride
6. 16 Switches Featuring Daffy Loko
7. Around HEre Featuring Suga Free and Mr. Silent
8. Raised with Bald head headed Thugs Featuring C-Los
9. Bozo call from the Pen Featuring Bozo
10. Crimes and the gun Feat Lil Cuete
11. All The homies roll Deep Feat HPGz
12. the Arrival Featuring mr capone-e
13. In Guns I Trust Featuring Trigger Man
14. My Tim To Shine Featuring C-Los
15. Represented the G Town Featuring Wicked
16. Im a real rider Featuring Maniak
17. You Don;t- Featuring Big Sanch and Lil Lazy