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Lifestyles Of The Slow and Low rare oldies vol 3

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Leaving Lady - The Notations
Blind Over You - Black Ice
There's Nothing I Can Do - Mike & The Censations
Never In A Million Years - Candace Love
Something I Want To Tell You - Johnny & The Expressions
Where Did He Come From - Sunday Williams
Court Of Love - The Unifics
Does Your Mama Know About Me - The Supremes
Count To Ten - Franky and the Spindles
I'm gonna make you mine / Malibu theme - Johnny Daniel and The Soul Malibu's
I'm so Happy/So In Love With You - Thee Dupremes
Don’t Let It Go To Your Head - Lorraine Ellision
I Found My Love - The M-M & The Peanuts
Most of all – Montegos
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - The Supremes & The Temptations
Lets Get Together Again - Carol Hughes
Malinda - Bobby Taylor & Vancouver’s
Think About Tomorrow - The Ethics
Without You - Ultimations
I Need Someone - The Wallace Brothers
In The Morning - The Marvelows
Someone – Lovers
I Love You Baby - The Moovers