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Lazie Bone- Thugz Nation

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  1. Intro – Thugz Nation
  2. You Know My Name
  3. Chillen Like A Muthafucka
  4. Toast 2 That Featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Swizz Beatz
  5. We Ain’t Hard To Find Featuring Mr. Capone-e & Mr. Criminal
  6. Bone Thugs Boys- Feat. Krayzie Bone and Wishbone
  7. This Is A Warning Featuring Mo Thugs Soldiers
  8. Runnin Up On Da Punk Police Featuring Krayzie Bone
  9. Odds Against Me Featuring Mo Thugs Soldiers
  10. Fresh To Def Featuring Big Sloan & Mr. Criminal
  11. Cold Muthafuckas Featuring Big Sloan & Stomper
  12. Mind Of This Money- Feat. Krayzie Bone
  13. Slide With A Playa
  14. She’s So Fresh Feat. Malow Mac
  15. Callin All Bitches Feat. Miss Lady Pinks
  16. Bonus Thug Track
  17. Outro – Thugz Nation