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Damon Founded in 2006, La Epidemia is here to make an impact in the Latin Market...Composed of four great ambitious artist straight out of Los Angeles, with styles that vary but have one thing in common..Spanish and English ryhmes,that come with a direct impact..Mal Hablado, Que No, Ms.Krazie and Damon are here to make a difference in the way we see Latin Hip Hop..Blending Hard core rap along side some smooth R&B sounds,which create a totally different sound of not just street life but cool dance track's for the d'js to play.. Starting with Ms.Krazie one of the most anticipated girl rappers of the new century. She comes out as a hard hitting latina in the game dominated by men!!As for the guys of La Epidemia, Que No, Damon and Mal Hablado they are just as well composed. With a firm structure like this, La Epidemia is guaranteed to make the walls shake!!

1. Mis Latinas Mal Hablado, Damon
2. Ready To Ride Ms Krazie Mal Hablado, Damon 
3. Sangre Cafe- Ms Krazie, Qe No, Mal hablado, Damon 
4. Victim- Ms Krazie, Damon, Mal Hablado, Qe No 
5. Yo No Se 
6. Hey Love- Ms Krazie, Damon 
7. Hola Hermosa- Qe No 
8. Krazie 
9. Muevelo- Mal Hablado 
11.Close Feat Abusivo 
12.Mis Latinas Remix Qe No,