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Kinto Sol Brownlife 2 Mixed by Dj Payback Garcia

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Brownlife 2 Mixed by Dj Payback Garcia

1.Incredible Intro - Payback Garcia
2.Wild Wild West - 2 High
3.Straight From The Barrio - Los Marijuanos
4.All Night Long - Seldom Seen
5.For The Gansgtas - Lawless
6.Para Futuro - Tres Coronas
7.Vatos Malos - Spanks And Crooked Stilo
8.El Centro - El Chivo Feat. So Low
9.Do What You Gotta Do - Cali Life Style Feat. Triple C
10.Hip-Hop Intrusion - Dos Rivales
11.No Hay Competencia - Don Evoua
12.Dedicated - Lawless
13.Eso Lo Se - El Chivo
14.Arte Callejero - Tres Coronas
15.Forgive Me - Seldom Seen
16.Un Golpe Vajo - El Chivo
17.Club Banga - Los Marijuanos
18.You Can't Phase Me - Brownhood Feat. Big Boy
19.Life Plays - Delinquent Habits
20.Desperado Rider - 2 High
21.This Is How We Roll - Young Spanks
22.Thugs At One Time - Central Coast Clique
23.El Batallion - El Chivo
24.You Choose - Malo
25.Who's The One - Young Spanks
26..Around Here - Capone
27.El Negocio - Latin Assasin Feat. So Low
28.King Of The City - Conejo And Capone
29.Un Compa - Outro