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Hi Power- Streets Created

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 1. What the Streets Created- Feat. Mr. Silent

2. Silverlake Riders- Feat. Lysto and Ese Villian

3.War Cry- Mr. Criminal and Lil Tweety

4. Roll Call- Mr. Criminal Feat. Hi Power Gangsters

5. Sounds Of the Barrio- Feat Stomper and Big Lokote

6. In My Mind- Mr. Criminal

7. Tell Me What You See- Feat Mr. Silent and Stomper

8. Definition of a Criminal- Mr. Criminal

9. Get Your Gangster On- Mr. Criminal

10. G'z And Ridaz- Mr. Criminal and Mr. Silent 

11. Fear In Your Eyes- Mr. Criminal and Mr. Silent

12. The New West- Mr. Criminal and Mr. Silent

13. Street Created Roll Call- Hi Power Gangsters

14. She Got Caught- Mr. Criminal, Ese Lil Villian and Lysto

15. I Am What The Streets Created- Mr. Criminal