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Hi Power Music Mr Capone-e Don't Get Twisted

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Track Listing Comming Soon Cd Release Date Sep 29 2006 As one of the originator’s of the West Coast gangsta rap movement, Mr. Capone-E has made quite a name for himself while still in his prime. Mr. Capone-E’s latest effort, Don’t Get It Twisted (SMC Recordings) is an album designed to cement his hold on the mainstream music scene while conquering the ears of those who write him off as just another “West Coast artist”. Don’t Get It Twisted is a record that all can enjoy - perfect for a party, but still gritty enough to earn respect on the streets. Mr. Capone-E is confident that his new alliance with SMC Recordings will ensure that the album reaches everyone with ears. “I like SMC for their independent label style, but they work hard and are organized. They deal with PR, radio and promotions like a major label and I like that they have distribution by Fontana/Universal Music