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Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook - Mr Flaks & Spanky Loco

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Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook
by Mr Flaks & Spanky Loco
Spanky Loco and Mr Flaks Presents the Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook. It features designs, drawings, sketches and script from legendary artists throughout the world. Mr Flaks and Spanky Loco take you into the creative side and display various designs and images of thier favorite ideas and concepts. With famed designer and artist Zisto creating the sketchbook cover, Z Rod of Dreamworks Entertainment, Mr Clown of Madrid and The Motive of San Diego all participated into the artwork of the book. This is definately a must have for all art collectors. Each Sketchbook is autographed by the Grind Now Shine Now artist, Spanky Loco.
Did we mention every book is signed by Spanky Loco him self! 
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