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Duende - Dedicated

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Track List
1. La Vida Del Rap
2. La Premier Cansion - Featuring Trigger
3. A Righteous Game - Featuring M-One, Jeri Forth, Rik The Ruger
4. Skit (Time)
5. Time Flys
6. On The Radio
7. My Sunshine - Featuring Naya
8. Skit (Messages)
9. Dedicated
10. El Ciaje
11. It Ain't For Nothing - Featuring C Luv
12. Reality Check
13. Get Up On My Level - Featuring Rik The Ruger, Bullet, Bugse, Millone
14. For The Hood - Featuring Ese Brown, Maya Williams
15. Put It Down
16. Doble Sentido - Featuring Rik The Ruger