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Cuete Yeska - Tales Of Cuete James

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Track List
1. Feel Good Music - Featuring MC Magic
2. Ferocious - Featuring Wreck (Wicked Minds), ALT, Dominator, Juan Gotti
3. Evening News - Featuring Sen Dog (Cypress Hill)
4. Kings Of The Streets - Featuring Simes Carter, Lil Flip, Tonic Alize
5. I Remember You Homie - Featuring Chino Grande, Carolyn Rodriguez, Rigo Luna
6. Sunny Days - Featuring Carolyn Rodriguez, Kass Delgado
7. Say Goodbye
8. Spanish Fly - Featuring Les One, Weeto
9. Dougie Skit
10. High Roller - Featuring OG Ricky G (R.I.P)
11. Shine On Me - Featuring Ese Daz (Spanish Fly), Rebecca Lane
12. Bounce That Shit - Featuring Duce, Bams
13. L.A. Shit - Featuring Wax, El Latino, KO-G
14. Raindrops - Featuring Too Rude (Dog Boy)
15. Young Gun - Featuring Weeto
16. Footprints - Featuring Carolyn Rodriguez