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Cuete Yeska Legend of a Gangster

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Legend of a Gangster 
1. Im Back (Intro) Feat Baby Wicked 
2. Legend of a gangster Feat Chicno Grande & Bam Bam 
3. California Feat Duce and Ese Daz 
4. Hit and Run Feat Duce and Wreck 
5. Butterface 
6. Night and Day Feat Frankie J 
7. City were im from Feat Chino Grande Midget Loco, Feisty of Charlie Row Campo 
8. I Dont Know Why Feat Lil Bam Bam 
9. SO much Pain Feat Lil Bam Bam Duce, and Midget Loco 
10. Im Tripping feat Duce 
11. Panites Feat Duce 
12. She wants to roll with me feat Eriq and Duce 
13. When i get high Feat Duce 
14. La. To Japan (Remix) Feat Lil Bam Bam, El Latino, Ese Daz, Les-one, Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Weeto, Ko-G, Slow Pain, Ac The Promoter, Duce Bonus- You aitn real By Ac Feat Sykk