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Cuete: Round Towne Music

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  • Out of Print
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  • Rare and no longer made 
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1.Me Being Me Ft. Eriq

2.When I Get High Ft. Duce

3.Friday Nite Ft. Perro

4.I’m Trippin’ Ft. Duce

5.You Can’t Feel Me  Ft. Les One

6.Tres Malos Ft. Perro, Conejo

7.Can You Front Me Ft. Perro, Diablo

8.Now Baby Ft. Les One

9.Let Her Go Ft. Perro

10.It Ain’t Easy Ft. Eriq, Danny

11.Supersport Ft.Lil Rob, Baby Wicked, Don Cisco, Perro

12.L.A TO Japan Ft. Slow Pain, Weeto,, Les One

13.Don’t Fuck With Wicked Minds Ft. Wreck, Chino Grande, Perro

14.Round Towne Music Ft. Les One

15.Where’s My Lighter Ft. Diablo

16.High Times Ft. Perro, Diablo

17.Silly of Me

18.True Love

19.Come Back To Me Ft. Perro, eriq

20.Dear God (intro)

21.Dear God