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Throwback Oldschool Vol. 4

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1. Shes a Bad Mama Jama- Carl Carton

2. Shes Just a Groupie- Bobby Nunn

3. Shes Strange- Cameo

4. Shorty The Pimp- Don Julian

5. Situation #9- Club Nouveau

6. Skin Tight- Ohio Players

7. Slow Down- Loose Ends

8. Slow Jam- Midnight Star

9. So Fine- Howard Johnson

10. So Ruff So Tuff- Zapp

11. Somebodys Watching Me- Rockwell

12. Something in the Past- One Way

13. Square Biz- Teena Marie

14. Strawberry Letter 23- The Brothers Johnson

15. Sugar Free- Juicy

16.Superfly- Curtis Mayfield 

17. Super Freak- Rick James

18. Sweet Heat- Chocolate Milk


1. Sweeter As The Day Goes By- Shalamar

2. Tell Me If You Still Care- The S.O.S Band

3. Tender Love- Force MD's

4. The Men All Pause- Klymaxx

5. Think it Over- Brenda Rusell

6. This is For the Lover in You- Shalamar

7. Tonight- Keeler

8. Tonight- Kool and the Gang

9. Turn- Off The Lights

10. Watching You- Slave

11. Weekend Girl- The S.O.S Band

12. West Coast Poplock- Ronnie Hudson

13. When You Touch Me- Skyy

14. Why You Treat Me So Bad- Club Nouveau

15. Word Up- Cameo

16. Yearning For Your Love- The Gap Band

17. You Dont Have To Cry- Rene and Angela

18. You Dropped a Bomb On Me- The Gap Band