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Free The Stomper - Unreleased Kuts 2

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Track Listing


01. "Composure Of A Soldier "  Feat:- The Stomper, Chino Grande, Midget Loco
02.Monsters - Feat: The Stomper, Oso Vicious, A.L.T. The Saint
03. "Heart Of Gold" -  Feat: The Stomper
04."Money Makes The World Go Round"  - Feat: The Stomper, Oso Vicious, Rikee West
05. "It Dont Stop" - Feat: The Stomper
06. "I See You" - Feat: The Stomper, Carolyn Rodriguez, Juan Gotti, Chino Grande, Cuete Yeska
07 "I Got News" - Feat: The Stomper, Troub Nasty, Theif Sicario
08. "City Of The Bangers" - Feat:-  The Stomper, Oso Vicious
09. "Lost Kauz "- Feat: The Stomper, Malow Mac, Lost Kauz
10. "After The Laughter" - Feat: The Stomper, Sleepy Loks , Spanky Loco
11."Lies" - Feat: The Stomper, J.Hind
12. "Never Give Up"  - Feat: The Stomper, Theif Sicario, Player, Big Creeper
13. "Thrown It All Away " - Feat: The Stomper, Big Joe, Oto
14. "We Dont Play" - Feat: The Stomper, Chino Brown, Krazy Race, I-man, T-nut
15. "Thats  Tha Truth " - Feat: The Stomper, Mads The Hated, Young Smokes
16. "F U C K  L O V E ": - Feat: The Stomper, Mic Mc, Chuck Taylor
17. "Legacy" - Feat: The Stomper, Tha Ghost Dawg, Johnny Blade