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Lost Soul Oldies Vol. 3

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     Lost Soul Oldies Vol.3

  1. Stranger at my door-Fuller Bros.
  2. Time after time- Step By Step
  3. You played the part of a loser- Congenial Four
  4. My Baby- The Limitations 
  5. I almost blew my mind-The Positive Sounds
  6. Ooh Baby Baby- The Magnificent 7
  7. Look at her now- The United Four
  8. I Done Told You Baby- The Soul Majestics
  9. Take A Step- Aesop’s Fables
  10. You Found Yourself Another Fool- The Elgins
  11. I Made Up My Mind- The Cheers
  12. Lets Play House- Tony Drake
  13. Please Don’t Go- Soul Communicaters 
  14. City Of Strangers- Chuck Corby & The Entrees
  15. There Is Nothing Better Than Love- The Magic Tones
  16. Goin’ Goin’ Gone- The Broadways
  17. Second Hand Happiness-James Conwell
  18. How Could You Hurt Me So- The Marvells