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Lost Soul Oldies Vol. 10

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  1. I’ll Take A Chance On You- The Inspirations
  2. You’re My Wonderfulness- The Committee
  3. Please Take The Heart Of Mine- The Topics
  4. Lonely World- Billy and The Hiliners
  5. You’re The One- Candi Bars
  6. I can’t Take No Chances- The Chosen Few 
  7. Let Me Try- The Crosstown Express
  8. A LoveThat’s Real- Emory & Dynamics
  9. I’m In Love Oh Yes I Am-Little Melvin & The Boleros
  10. With A Little Love And Trust- Sam & Deb
  11. Just An Illusion- Earls Inc.
  12. Girl, I Want You To Remember-The Main Events
  13. Music Revolution- The Delighters 
  14. Yesterday’s Love Is Over- Hearts Of Stone
  15. Let’s get Married- Jimmy Connor
  16. There’s Gonna Be A Wedding- The New Yorkers
  17. I Want To Be Free- Connie McGill & The Visions 
  18. When I Say Goodbye- Jerry & Wila
  19. You Can’t Help But Fall In Love- Contributors Of Soul
  20. Dearest One- The C-Quents
  21. Night After Night- The Blendells