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Chicano Rap: Love Dedications 2

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1 Pretty Smile (feat. Rocky Padilla)-Chino Grande 
2 I Am Your Man (feat. Baby Jokes, D.Salas & Rigo Luna)-MC Magic
3 Appreciated-Ms Krazie 
4 All I Want Is You (feat. Doll-E Girl, Fiesty 2 Guns & Carolyn Rodriquez)-Jasper Loco
5 My Days (feat. D. Salas & Weeping)-Oso Vicious
6 Baby Love (feat. D. Salas)-Chino Grande
7 Desde Que Te Fuiste (feat. MC Magic-Chino Brown
8 The Message (feat. Payaso)-Merro
9 Crazy About Her (feat. D.Salas)-Midget Loco 
10 I Want to Be Your Girl (feat. Payaso)-Ms Krazie
11 My Angel Baby (feat. Travieso)-Payaso
12 Stop the Smoke for You (feat. D. Salas)-Jasper Loco
13 She Does It so Much Better (feat. D.Salas)-Midget Loco
14 Friday Night-Chino Grande 
15 Brighter Days (feat. Cecy B-Chino Grande
16 Brown Pus** Danger 
17 Street Anthems 4 Snippets 8:54 Urban Kings Music Group