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Charlie Row Campo - For The Streets

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Song List 
1. Intro-Chino Grande,Miget loco 
2. Cold Outside-Chino Grande, 
Midget Loco, Roscoe, Fingazz
3.C-Row-Jasper, Midget Loco
4. Bonus* Chino Grande
5. Im a Hustler- Featuring Ese Daz (Spanish Fly)
6. Killer in my Team- Midget Loco7.Charlie Row Gangsters
Travie, Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Rocky Padilla
8. County Blues-Chino Grande, Travie, 
Rocky Padilla,Lil Minor
9. Lets Ride- Lil Minor
10. Do That Thang-Toro Loco,310 West
11. Tell Me-C-row, Wicked Minds
12. Skit- Travie
13. Behind The Walls-Travie
14. Never There-Chino Grande- Bam Bam, Bryan
15. Trumpets Of War-Fiesty, Young Troubs, Lyrik
16. Skit
17. Welcome-805 Shadow
18. Respect- Miget Logo
19. Make It Crack-Lil Minor
20. (Outro)