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Baby Jokes Of Charlie Row Campo - Life On The Streets

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Urban Kings Presents 
Baby Jokes of Charlie Row Campo
"Life On The Streets"

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Charlie Row Campo presents its most promising rapper paving his way to the lime light, Baby Jokes. The youngest from the Charlie Row Camp has been featured in America’s most compelling and dramatic show South Land. The exhibit of his notorious talent landed him in playing a role in “A Better Life” directed and produced by the same man that brought us Twilight and New Moon, Chris Weitz.Reflecting the Chicano Community, making it the ideal time of launching his newest album “Life On The Street”. The movie is already nominated to win an Oscar Award. The new album “Life On The Street” is featuring his hit song “She use to be my SideKick” featuring Jasper Loco who is also releasing his album this year as well. "Sidekick " Got turned to a music video directed by the one and only Jeff Reyes after charge volumes of fans demanded it. Charlie Row Campo has growing to new heights from a simple jail unit, to dominating fans world wide, and Baby Jokes manifestation to the entertainment industry; capturing more fans than every before. Reflecting his life lessons, trials and tribulations. Baby Jokes is proud to release "Life On The Streets". Radio hits songs along with street driving music with a meaning a lot can relate to. His first single “She Used To Be My Sidekick” feed back has started to play in community colleges. This album will be successfully and surpass all of Charlie Row Campo releases.


1. Prevail Featuring Chino Grande
2. don’t love you anymore Featuring D. Salas 
3. Already Know Featuring Chino Grande, Huero Snipes
4. Eastside 213 Featuring Mike nez, Jasper Loco
5. Keep Runnin, Runnin
6. She Used To Be My Sidekick Featuring Mike Nez, D. Salas
7. Thirteen Steps Featuring Chino Grande, Huero Snipes, G- Boy 
8. Bang Back Featuring Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, D-Boy, City Gees
9. I Am Featuring Mc Magic, D Salas, Rigo Luna * 
10. Rhymeslayer
11. Warrior Featuring Lil Minor, G-Boy 
12. You Wanna Know 
13. Call me Freaky (good) Featuring Cecy B 
14. Money Talk Featuring G-Boy 
15. Like An Angel Featuring knuckles **
16. Die Tonight Featuring D-Boy
17. Looking At Me
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