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Charlie Row Campo Stop Studio Gangsters

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1. Intro 
2. The Real ( Stop Studio Gangsters)- Mr. Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Jasper Loco 
3. Any Body Killer Part 2- Mr. Chino Grande 
4. Were you at- Midget Loco 
5. Last Day- Shadie Boy, Midget Loco, Fiesty, Chino Grande 
6. Curousity- Jasper Loco, Baby Jokes, Nessa Ness 
7. Got what it takes- Travi, MIdget Loco, Fiesty 
8. Directo De Los Angeles- Toro 
9. Real Riders- Fiesty, Midget Loco, Kozme 
10. Sangre falls from my eyes- Mr.Chino Grande 
11. Five Thirteen Six- Shady Boy 
12. For Better or For Worse- Travie 
13. Shot Back- Mr. Chino Grande, Midget, Jasper, Fistey 
14. Bloody Bubbles- Charlie Row Camponeros 
15. Homie for life- Lil Minor, Mr. Chino Grande, Fiest, Jasper. 
16. Crime- Baby Jokes, Big Bandet, Mr. Chino Grande, Jasper, 
17. Sucide Note (Outro) Chino Grande