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The xSetForLifex One Krazie Night DVD

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One Krazie Night - Staring Ms Krazie

Urban Kings Releases The xSetForLifex DVD called "One Krazie Night" Staring Ms Krazie. Go All Access With Ms Krazie Through Her Day, Then Backstage and Front Row During Her Concert. Watch As She Brings Special Guests To Join Her For A Performance. 



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Urban Kings releases the highly anticipated xSetForLifex DVD called "One Krazie Night" that stars Ms Krazie, as she Performs for the First Time Ever in the Los Angeles area. This DVD takes you throughout the day, Backstage as Ms Krazie gets ready, and takes you front row for this very dope performance. Ms Krazie brings out many special guests out to perform during her set. The DVD also features bonus footage of MC Magic and Brown Boy and special guest performers Jasper Loco, Stomper and Spanky Loco! This is the official pre order, and the official release date is February 9th, 2016!